FAVORITE SERIES OF 2012…. (so far)

Last season saw the finale of my two favorite shows, Desperate housewives and One Tree Hill, so now that these two no longer exist I have to say out with the old and in with the new, so here are my three favorite series of 2012.
1. SCANDAL (The drama never gets old, I absolutely love the chaos that follows Olivia plus can’t wait for her to fall of her white horse…. we all know the day is coming when she gets publicly humiliated)Image

2. THE BIG BANG THEORY (Gotta love the nerds, five seasons l8r and they still crack me up every single episode, till today I still can’t decide who my favorite characters are … move over How I Met Your Mother [let’s be honest it’s way past its peak, and without Neil Patrick Harris you’d be cancelled, just reveal the mom and finish]

3. goes to my favorite liars, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. I was hooked the moment they received their first A texts “I’m still here bitches. -A”  [even though their detective exploits are completely unrealistic they do know how to get someone hooked to a mystery, plus you gotta love its creepy theme song and Halloween episodes]


Sorry Vampire diaries you’re off my list this year for 2 reasons. 1. You refuse to bring back Miss Katerina Petrova and 2. I simply detest the way you treat Damon. (Damon deserves the girl… although am not sure the girl deserves him anymore, oh yeah that’s No. 3, y’all sort of made Elena a B***H)

Glee you’re also out because frankly the series ain’t the same without the Unholy Trinity roaming the halls of WMHS. Bring Santana back full time and we may renegotiate. Plus y is Rachel still going back and forth with Finn when there’s a 100% hottie waiting in the shadows)

As for the rest, Modern Family, The X factor, Revenge n Nikita… don’t worry you’re still in contention.

Oh and even though White Collar didn’t quite make it to the list (because it’s on the longest break ever), it holds a place dear to my heart. Come January when it returns I make it  the favorite to fill the No. 1 spot. I mean if the FBI cant resist the charms of the shrewd Neal Caffrey, I figure why should I?!?!