As we remember all our past and present heroes that have brought Kenya to where it is today i decided to create a playlist in honor of the day’s celebration (Cos God knows I love Kenya but ain’t no way I’m sitting down to listen to a bunch of long boring speeches.)

  1. Hero-Superchick
  2. Holding out for a hero-Bonnie Tyler
  3. Hero-Skillet
  4. Hero-Chad Kroeger
  5. Somebody Save Me-Remy Zero
  6. Everybody’s Superhero-Smash Mouth
  7. My Hero-Foo fighters

All these songs are awesome with one common theme, so take time to listen to any as Kenya prepares to start its 50yrs of independence jubiilee celebrations!!!!



It’s only a few days into the year and Kenya can be said to have more to mourn than celebrate. Despite News castors beginning their broadcast with a friendly “Good evening, Kenya” we have been bombarded with tragedy after tragedy.

  • 60+ Kenyans have already perished in separate road accidents in just 4 days.
  • A 4 year old girl was brutally raped and murdered in Mombasa while another 9 year old was defiled by a civil servant.
  • Kenyans have just received news that they have been fraudulently registered into political parties…

These and other news have sadly been the headlines of papers and news broadcasts since the beginning of the New Year. This coupled with the fact that many consider 13, the unlucky number have led many to conclude that we are in for tough times.

Personally, I have never been superstitious and do not plan on becoming one. Yes, the year may not have begun on the brightest note particularly with the puzzling rain during what should be one of the hottest months of the year, but we make our own fate not the other way around. Yes 60+ people have died in accidents in the past three days but 60+ lives could have been saved if rules had been followed (How does one fit 30 people into a 14 seater vehicle) The warning signs were there. And honestly with the history of Kenyan politics can anyone really claim to be shocked and appalled by their latest antics?

It’s election year: The main event all Kenyans are looking forward to. As we head towards the March 4th elections we all hold one hope in our hearts that the elections will remain free and fair and that PEACE will prevail throughout the process. I will not sit here and proceed to preach about peace because any right minded Kenyan only has to look back on the horrific images of the 2007/08 post elections violence to know that ONCE WAS MORE THAN ENOUGH!!! And in case that doesn’t work for you please remember that if the Hague doesn’t mind prosecuting a potential future president of Kenya, sembuse wewe?

A number of Kenyans have once again pointed out that the number 13 bodes ill for the upcoming election. To my fellow Kenyans, “In the horrific event that history does decide to repeat itself, I pray that Kenyans will have the grace to realize that it is not due to a number but sheer stupidity by a minority of the Kenyan population.”

Yet another event we have to look forward to as usual is sports. Although Harambee stars are unsurprisingly not in the competition, we get to bond as a continent once again as we follow the 2013 AFCON competition. Best of luck to whomever you choose to support. Apart from that we get to watch more rugby and athletics this year (Sports that Kenya actually has hope in) and of course we get to witniss more drama in the best leagues in the world THE PREMIER LEAGUE as #kot continue to burn through tweets either trashing or praising individuals and teams. Not to forget the highly anticipated Champions League Round of 16 (whoever does not wish to see Real Madrid clash with Manchester United?) #RubsHandsInAnticipation Let’s not forget our very own league which should soon be back. KPL standards have definitely been improving and require a major thumbs up 😀 (Of course Man U and Kogallo fans should begin praying for no last minute heartbreaks this time around)

(And to anyone who’s wondering after reading that last paragraph, yes I am a faithful football fan. OH COME ON… DON’T LOOK SO SURPRISED)

God willing, I shall be able to enroll at the University of Nairobi in May 2013 as planned. After 2012 which was aptly labeled the striking year saw nurses, teachers, lecturers, KBC, airport workers etc. take to the streets (and some of these parties more than once), students can claim to be the most affected as school calendars have been disrupted and could see more disruptions thanks to the elections and a possible run-off. So fingers crossed that no one strikes and the calendar suffers minimal disruptions.

As for social networking, it can only be expected that the infamous Kenyans on Twitter #kot band will continue to outdo themselves with the most ridiculous of trends and tweets. Hopefully twitter will finally recognize us as a twitter location and add us to their trends but until then may we keep on taking twitter by storm whilst the American population is asleep or use Trendsmap.

The Lang’ata road expansion should finally be completed and Rongai residents should finally be able to live the dream of entry into town in under half an hour. Not that this will deter anyone from continuing their ‘Rongai si Kenya’ jokes.

In the entertainment sector I personally am only looking forward to the release of the Hunger games sequel but it should be an interesting year for most with various movie releases including; Fast and Furious 6, Jurassic park, The Hobbit 2, yet another Stars Wars or Trek (Still would love to know what’s the difference between them)….

Personally my hopes for 2013 are that;

  • Adam Levine may declare a moment of insanity and haul the entire Maroon 5 band over to Carnivore, KICC or wherever for the FUCKIN’ BEST CONCERT EVER.
  • Wimbroda and company leave advertising to younger folk
  • All detergent advertisements be banned unless they spark up some creativity soon
  • We see less of size 8 on our screens
  • Tahidi High realizes it’s time is past, expels everyone and shuts down
  • TV adverts be done by people other than former Tahidi High cast. *AHEM CITIZEN*

Whatever twists and turns 2013 may hold may it truly be PROSPEROUS. Or in the words of the Hunger games;