I respect Beyoncé and her music but as for her new album it’s a massive NO for me.

Everyone can admit that 99% of the hype on that album was brought about by the fact that it came as a surprise on i-tunes, but who says all surprises are good?

I don’t see anyone oohing and aahing over unplanned pregnancies and bombs, all surprises.

What happened to the girl who released hits like Baby boy, Check on it, Déjà vu and Single ladies over the years? I guess someone told her you could only make so many videos with two dancers right next you recycling the same moves over and over again so she ran out of ideas.

She’s one of the best dancers alive so I refuse to believe she was in her right mind when she agreed to shoot those god awful dance moves in the drunk in love video. I mean c’mon I had more fun watching Rihanna act possessed and Ke$ha shake her ass next to a horse.

I can’t deny that some of the tracks aren’t half bad, but seriously you’re Queen freaking B not some awkward newbie (but then again if we use Lorde as the bar for awkward newbies, I’d say they’re holding their own) so I definitely expected more considering we waited for this album for over two years.

But hey my opinions are just my own….