The number 13 is considered unlucky in most cultures. One hypothesis holds that the number 13 is a reflection of the human fear of the unknown (unverified). Another holds the number 13 unlucky since it is the number of full moons in a year. Women living in a natural environment tend to have their period during a full moon, and in the past, a woman who ‘bled’ during a full moon was suspected of being a witch. Thus the number 13 was viewed as bad luck, and connected to supernatural forces.

The end of the Mayan calendar’s 13th Baktun was superstitiously feared as a harbinger of the apocalyptic 2012 phenomenon.[8]

Fear of the number 13 has a specifically recognized phobia, triskaidekaphobia (try saying that quickly five times)! The superstitious sufferers of triskaidekaphobia try to avoid bad luck by keeping away from anything numbered or labeled 13.

Due to…

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