The Kenya Daily News

Yesterday Mwai Kibaki bid the tenth parliament goodbye after 49 years.
I went through google for some of the photos of Kenya‘s third president.

Kibaki 1970's

This Probably back in the 1960’s to 70’s when he was starting out in his career as member of parliament.

Kibaki 1997

1992, Kibaki resigns from KANU and forms DP the party he hoped to lead him to state house.

kibaki 2007

The poster of Narc presidential cadidate Mwai KIbaki in 2002. He won his first term in office.

kibaki 2007 oath

Kenya’s darkest moments and the stain that is in the career of an otherwise perfect political career. Swearing in at dusk.

KIbaki 2012

Most recent photo of Obako. What was he chewing? PK?

kibaki blushiongh

Kibaki seems to blush at the sight of Silva Kiir of South Sudan.

KIbaki happy

Kibaki will be heading to Othaya with a big grin on his face like the one above after 50 political years.

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